South River Criminal Defense Lawyer

Were you recently arrested for a crime, or are you currently under investigation for a criminal offense? If your answer is yes, then you need to take immediate action to protect yourself from the harsh criminal justice system. Even if you are entirely innocent of the allegations against you, sometimes being innocent simply isn't enough. If the truth could set you free, then there wouldn't be such thing as wrongful convictions and the miscarriage of justice. As a criminal defense attorney and the founder of the Law Offices of Ryan E. Gilbert, LLC, I am here to defend you every step of the way.

Whether you are innocent, or if you made a mistake, you deserve to have your side of the story told loud and clear. Good people make mistakes every day and that doesn't mean they deserve to be locked away for years to come. I strongly urge you to contact me right away so I can review the specifics of your case; I take every case very personally and make it my personal vow to do everything I can to help make your situation better. I am admitted to the bars in both New York and New Jersey, and I have been practicing law in the greater Middlesex and Monmouth Counties for nearly two decades.

Legal Defense Practice Areas

I am proud to represent clients in a broad range of practice areas including municipal court offenses, traffic offenses and DUI & DWI cases. I can also help parents whose children have been arrested for a juvenile offense, and I can help those that have been charged with assault or domestic violence. I represent clients in their drug crime cases including drug possession and drug distribution.

If you have been accused of a theft crime such as shoplifting, a weapons offense, any type of white collar crime, or if you have been charged with harassment, terrorist threats, eluding, fraud or a serious violent crime, I will do everything possible to find holes in the prosecution's case and errors made by law enforcement. Anything that can be done to improve your final case outcome will be pursued.

Enlist in Experienced Defense

If you or someone you love is caught up in the criminal justice system, please take a moment to contact my office today. I offer a free consultation to my prospective clients where we can review the details of their case. The sooner you take action in retaining a legal representative, the better your chances of reaching a favorable case result. I care deeply about my clients and their future and I will stop at nothing to do what I can to make your outcome better.

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