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If you are arrested for or accused of committing a violent crime in the state of New Jersey, you could be facing seriously stressful days ahead. The criminal justice system and the prosecution will not grant you any leeway, so why should you go easy on them? When you are looking at severe criminal penalties, you need to retain a hard-hitting and knowledgeable East Brunswick violent crime attorney with a track record of success.

My name is Ryan E. Gilbert, LLC, and I believe the right criminal defense is not afraid to get aggressive. The courtroom may be a place of formality, but there are ways to fight for your future without breaking professionalism. If you want to come out swinging, you should allow me to be the one to represent you.

Why Trust Your Criminal Case to My Firm?

The reasons are clear:

Whatever Your Charges, I Can Represent You!

"Violent crimes" is somewhat of a blanket term for what is actually an array of criminal charges, each one violent in nature, as the name suggests. As the allegations involve actions that are quite severe, the penalties related to a violent crime are sure to be harsh as well. In many situations, even the least severe of violations will be considered a felony.

Penalties you could be facing upon a conviction include:

  • Minimum sentencing requirements
  • High fines
  • Fees to alleged victims
  • Destruction of reputation

An actual violent act does not even have to be performed for a violent crime charge to be placed against you. Instead, the state can suggest that you intended to perform such an action, and this may be grounds enough for your arrest.

Violent crime charges I can handle include but are not limited to:

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As frantic as it might seem on the surface, the process of defending yourself from criminal accusations will actually become much more manageable once you take action. It is for this reason that I always encourage my clients to contact me at their earliest convenience. The sooner you tell me what is going on, the sooner I can start constructing an intelligent and effective defense on your behalf. My aim will be to earn you reduced sentencing or a total case dismissal.

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