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Driver’s License Suspensions

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Due to the construction of today’s neighborhoods and cities, as well as the freedom of mobility so highly valued in today’s society, living without the ability to operate an automobile is a major inconvenience, to say the least. If your driver’s license is up in the air to be suspended or not after you were arrested for a driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) charge, get help from the Middlesex County DUI attorney today!

At the Law Offices of Ryan E. Gilbert, LLC, my legal team and I have been able to successfully handle DUI/DWI cases of all sorts, and for people of all walks of life. When matters do not look good and it seems that a conviction cannot be avoided, I double my efforts and do all I can to work towards preventing your license from being suspended.

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Consequences of a License Suspension

The consequences of a license suspension could send ripples into all aspects of your daily life. From educational opportunities to workplace necessities, everything can fall away at the wayside if your right to drive legally is taken away.

To add even more trouble onto getting your driver’s license suspended, you must wait for a written notice to be mailed to you announcing that your driving privileges have been restored. In some cases, just waiting for this documentation can stack multiple days, or longer, on top of your suspension. A scenario involving unreliable mail sources could easily become a massive headache, undue in origin, if you are not notified properly and in a timely manner. Making matters worse, if you are pulled over for driving while your license is suspended, you could be facing five years of jail time.

Driver’s license suspensions may occur in New Jersey due to any of the following reasons:

  • Vehicular manslaughter
  • Dangerous driving behaviors
  • Missing court dates
  • Lack of proof of insurance
  • 12 or more points on driving record
  • Abandoning vehicle on public highway
  • Failing to pay fees to state

Harsher Penalties for Commercial Truck Drivers

If you have a commercial driver’s license, you need to be especially careful when obeying the rules of the road, as even the slightest violation can revoke your driving privileges. Most commonly, commercial truckers are accused of driving while intoxicated, which only requires that they have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) that reports 0.04% when tested; this is merely half the amount any other motorist can consume before being considered unlawfully drunk behind the wheel. The first order of business for the opposition will be to try to get your license suspended, so your first decision should be to defend yourself with the help of a professional.

Additional Penalties You Could Face

Refusing to take a blood, urine, or breath test will automatically trigger New Jersey State’s “implied consent” law. Under this provision, the New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will immediately revoke your license for up to two years when you refuse to take any form of chemical testing, as requested by an officer of the law. In addition to losing your license, intoxicated or not, you could be hit with a $1,000 surcharge with a three year duration. If it is determined that your DUI/DWI could be linked to some sort of drug or alcohol abusive behavior, you will also be required to complete a 16-week or more treatment program.

Before matters get out of your control, contact me, a seasoned East Brunswick and Freehold DUI/DWI attorney.

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