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Charged with Possession of Crack?

Crack is cocaine that has been processed with bicarbonate of soda so that it can be smoked. The name 'crack' comes from the sound made when the rocks produced by the process are heated. Although crack is the same drug as cocaine, the penalties associated with convictions of possession or trafficking of crack cocaine are harsher than for cocaine.

If you are facing charges of possessing crack cocaine, you should know that your freedom and future ability to be licensed in certain professions, to vote and to travel internationally could be restricted by a crack conviction.

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The Law Offices of Ryan E. Gilbert, LLC can assist you in your defense of these potentially life-changing charges. You may be in shock after being charged with possession of crack; we have helped hundreds of people get through this stressful time and we can help you. Do not make hasty decisions without contacting an experienced East Brunswick criminal defense lawyer. Pleading out a charge of possession or trafficking of crack cocaine will influence the rest of your life. Choose carefully.

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With 19 years of experience defending people from all types of drug offenses, we can strategically form a workable defense for your charges. We will challenge law enforcement as to the manner that evidence was collected. Illegal search and seizure is unfortunately common and if this is your experience, we will defend your rights to be protected from this activity.

Our firm has a team experts who can be called upon to strengthen your defense position. Because the laws concerning drug possession are very complex, we will need to evaluate your case before we can provide a legal defense strategy.

Contacting us is the first thing you should do after being charged with possession, trafficking or manufacturing crack cocaine. You future is at stake; don't depend on an inexperienced or overworked public defender to act in your best interest. While well intentioned, a public defender or novice criminal defense attorney is not the best choice for anyone facing life altering crack cocaine charges.

Our case evaluation is free of charge and we look forward to helping you. Call (866) 760-6430 or contact us online!

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