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Juvenile Arrests and Superior Court Appearances


Juvenile Arrests and Superior Court Appearances

Over the years I have represented many juveniles faced with charges of delinquency for acts if committed by adults would be considered crimes or disorderly persons offenses. After an arrest, or charges have been initiated against a juvenile, his or her matter is heard in the Family Part of the Superior Court of New Jersey. The matter is assigned to one of the sitting judges of the Family Division for adjudication. The primary goal of the juvenile justice program is to rehabilitate young offenders, not stigmatize them for life. Therefore, first offenders, and those facing minor charges, are oftentimes placed into diversionary programs or receive a deferred disposition, similar to probation, where the charge is ultimately dismissed if the individual complies with the conditions imposed by the Court.

However, for more serious charges, such as sexual assault, the consequences can be significant included registration for life as a sex offender under Megan’s Law, as well as incarceration in a juvenile facility. In certain instances, such as charges of homicide, the Prosecutor may file a motion with the Court seeking a waiver so the juvenile can be tried as an adult in the Criminal Division of the Superior Court.

If you or someone you love is charged with a juvenile offense in Monmouth, Middlesex or any other county within New Jersey, you should contact me, an experienced East Brunswick Criminal Attorney, to discuss the case.

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